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The Bodmin & District Horizon Club has now been running for 30 years – providing a fantastic opportunity for people who happen to have a learning disability as it enables them (as the name suggests) to broaden their Horizons.

Bodmin & District Horizon Club - Learning Disabilities Community
Bodmin & District Horizon Club - Learning Disabilities Activities
Bodmin & District Horizon Club - Learning Disabilities Advice
Bodmin & District Horizon Club - Learning Disabilities Support

What is the Horizon Club?

The Horizon club is a community organization promoting leisure, recreation and social opportunities- in a safe environment that is central to Bodmin and the surrounding area. WE are very lucky to have the support of Bodmin College, to use their facility on a weekly basis.

The Club is not connected to any other organization however it does meet up with other like-minded Clubs to host sports days, discos and fun days etc.

The Club meets weekly. There are also many extra activities that are held during its on going programme- such as Bowling, Dingles, Porfelli animal sanctuary and much more. We generally run a programme of activities for 50 weeks a year, only closing for bad weather or Christmas holidays.

The Club meets every Thursday at Bodmin College from 7-9pm. However, depending on the Clubs programme this can change.

Our Activities

There are a huge number of activities that the club provides for example;
Tennis, Reading, Darts, Pool, Coloring, Jigsaws, shows, Discos, Barbecues, Music of all sorts and a variety of workshops.

Our Aims & Objectives

The aim of the Club is to advance the personal development of people who have a learning disability. This can be done by providing and assisting them with the chance to take part in a leisure/ recreational activity with the objective of improving their conditions of life as the trustees in their discretion think fit. The Club also wants to promote personal choice and independence whilst encouraging their full participation, integration and involvement in the club and community.

Our Members

The members can range from 13 years and up and they all live in or around Bodmin. Each member pays £1 a week for their membership subs and all the monies raised goes for the benefit of the Club members.

Volunteering With Us

Volunteers are offered the opportunity to attend meetings, workshops and training in order to gain more knowledge of working with the club members.

Volunteer work often challenges people by them thinking “what have I let myself in for this time?” With the Horizon Club it is not like that…

Advice & Support

As a club we try our best to support the members, however as volunteers we also need the support from the carers/families/ staff for the club to run safely and for it to continue to do so..

And we follow data protection & confidentiality to ensure we only keep the information needed for the safety & well being of the members…