Volunteering with the Horizon Club

Volunteers are offered the opportunity to attend meetings, workshops and training in order to gain more knowledge of working with the club members.

Volunteer work often challenges people by them thinking “what have I let myself in for this time?” With the Horizon Club it is not like that. You can start where you want, and you do not have to have any previous experience with people with special needs.

It is very important that you do not have to commit yourself every week or have any set time. Whatever time or skill you have will be useful to the Club.

The most important skill as a volunteer can be listening. You and the Club will benefit greatly from you just being there and LISTENING.

banner 2The club is very grateful to members of other outside organizations and individuals who take an active interest.

The Club being a registered Charity must abide by some rules. The committee meetings are very informal and open to any interested parties

How can the Club help its volunteers?

Volunteers who have been with the club for a while say that every time, they come to a meeting they enjoy themselves and that they love talking to the members and participating in all the amazing activities the Club provides.
You may be lonely and, with the club members around you may overcome your loneliness. Volunteer of all ages are welcome.

It may be of interest to younger people wishing to volunteer at the Bodmin and District Horizon Club that when you apply for a job or when you are writing your C.V you will be able to mention the work you do with others at the Club.

You can also use the Club for service awards, community awards or projects and as one of our volunteers has done recently Duke of Edin burgh Awards.