We are always in need of money to run and provide all the activities we do. But you do not have to get involved in fund-raising. No one is pressurized into anything.

You may have noticed that the organizations you belong to the more “out of pocket” you are. This club is different ALL expenses can easily be claimed back at any time.

With the Horizon Club you are personally insured. All Club activities i.e. tickets to shows and plays, transport costs etc.. Are paid by the club.
All those connected with the running of the club are unpaid volunteers who will have their DBS provided free of charge.

We rely on donations from the local community, such as the Bodmin Lions & Ladies Lions, Inner Wheel, Joint fire works committee and how trips are often sponsored by the Rotarians or other Lions clubs, such as Holsworthy to. We have also applied for donations through the local coop bag scheme and we also participate in our own fundraising activities such as Lions Clubs Ten Tors last year with a team of 4 volunteers- including the youngest who was only 12 years old.

We also hold Coffee mornings and regularly receive (and except) donations for our weekly raffle and bric a brac stall run at the college - this is something we are very keen to start this year and hopefully as more opens we can start fundraising again in 2022!

ALL MONEY RAISED goes for the benefit of the Club members.